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Monitor your security cameras with locally processed AI

Frigate is an open source NVR built around real-time AI object detection. All processing is performed locally on your own hardware, and your camera feeds never leave your home.

Coming Soon: Get access to custom models designed specifically for Frigate with Frigate+.


One of the most starred network video recorders on GitHub. Over 2 million pulls on Docker Hub. See why.

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Reduce false positives with local object detection

Traditional NVRs can require hours of fine tuning to reduce false positive rates because they rely on simple motion detection. By offloading object detection to the Google Coral TPU, even modest hardware can run advanced analysis to determine if the motion is actually a person, car, or other object of interest. With Frigate's local processing, there is no need to pay for your personal camera footage to be sent to the cloud for analysis.

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Stop reviewing shadows and wind and start reviewing detections that matter

Let Frigate's AI scrub your video feeds for you. With a single Google Coral TPU, Frigate can run 100+ object detections per second so it doesn't miss a single frame.

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Fine tune your events and alerts with zones

Frigate tracks objects in real-time and can determine the exact moment a person starts walking up your front steps or when a car enters your driveway. Refine your notifications based on precise locations.

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Integrate with Home Assistant and other automation platforms

Give your home eyes by integrating object detection into Home Assistant, OpenHab, NodeRed, or anything with MQTT support. Frigate integrates directly into Home Assistant's media browser, provides low latency camera entities, and exposes real-time sensors and switches to power automations and notifications to your heart's content.

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Watch a dynamic real-time video feed for your cameras

Birdseye view dynamically renders cameras with active detections so you can easily see cameras of interest. Stop squinting at a tiny square in a grid of cameras to see what is happening.


Frigate's high level of customizability, fast object detection and tight integration with Home Assistant creates the perfect open source, locally controlled, security camera system.

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Frigate has helped me reduce hours of false detections from my hard drive and saved me maybe as much time scouring through said, uneventful, footage. Ok maybe not that much, but seriously, zero false detections.

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Frigate has allowed me to remove all cloud dependencies from my security cameras, without losing any sort of object detection features or recording history. Support is second to none. Highly recommended.

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