Frigate+ Plans

Premium features for Frigate NVR


  • Upload & annotate
  • Frigate integration


  • Upload & annotate
  • Frigate integration
  • Support open source Frigate
  • Up to 12 model trainings

Frigate+ offers models trained from scratch and specifically designed for the way Frigate NVR analyzes video footage. These models offer higher accuracy with less resources. By uploading your own labeled examples, your model is tuned for accuracy in your specific conditions. After tuning, performance is evaluated against a broad dataset and real world examples submitted by other Frigate+ users to prevent overfitting.

Frigate+ models are also trained to detect a more relevant set of objects for security cameras. Currently, the following objects are supported: person, face, car, license plate, amazon, ups, fedex, package, dog, cat, deer. Additional object types will be added in future releases.

Up to 12 trainings are included each year with more available for purchase. Models trained during an active subscription are available for download indefinitely, even if you decide not to renew your subscription.